Two Sessions on Wind Power: Policy Boosts Science and Technology Foundation, 2018 Wind Power is about to write a new chapter


2022-07-18 10:52

The proportion of coal consumption dropped by 8.1 percentage points, and the proportion of clean energy consumption increased by 6.3 percentage points... The series of figures in the report clearly outline the basic outline of my country's energy development in the five years since the first session of the 12th National People's Congress. .

Looking back at the past five years, my country's energy industry has always followed the "Five Development Concepts" throughout the whole process. The development of the wind power industry has been advancing all the way, and the quality of industrial development has continued to improve, continuously releasing vitality for the global energy transformation.

Leading the market and developing the responsibility of a major country

In the past five years, the application scale of my country's wind power market has continued to expand, and both new markets and cumulative applications have ranked first in the world.

Back in 2013, the cumulative grid-connected installed capacity of my country's wind power had not yet reached 100 million kilowatts, and only three offshore wind power companies had a layout in the intertidal zone. Until 2014, the pace of wind power construction has been gradually accelerated, the industry has recovered, and since then it has made great progress. In February 2015, it officially entered the "100 million kilowatt club", becoming the first among all types of power generation in my country to complete the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" installation target. type of energy. By the end of 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of my country's wind power grid connected to the grid reached 164 million kilowatts, accounting for 9.2% of the total installed capacity of power generation, and the installed capacity continued to lead the world.

At the same time, offshore wind power has shown a strong development trend and has now jumped to the third largest market in the world. Many energy companies take offshore wind power as the business strategy and core of new energy, and accelerate the layout to promote large-scale, concentrated and contiguous development.

In addition to the above aspects, the economic and social benefits of the renewable energy industry represented by wind power are becoming increasingly apparent.

According to a research report released by relevant institutions, my country's wind and solar power generation will replace nearly 60 million tons of standard coal in 2015. By 2030, my country's wind and solar power generation will reduce fossil energy consumption by nearly 300 million tons of standard coal, which is almost equivalent to France's total in 2015. annual total energy consumption. By 2030, my country's wind power photovoltaic power generation will save 3.6 billion cubic meters of water, equivalent to the annual basic water consumption of 200 million people. In terms of environmental benefits, the subsidies for wind power in Zhangjiakou, Hebei in 2016 were lower than the unit external environmental benefits, only 0.14 yuan per kWh.

According to the estimates of the report, during the period from 2016 to 2030, the cumulative investment of wind and solar power generation is about 5.4 trillion yuan, and the total GDP growth is about 14.3 trillion yuan. The social benefits are even more obvious. In addition to solving the problem of electricity consumption in areas without electricity at low cost, by 2030, direct and indirect employment will reach 7.7 million.

Now, a gust of wind is blowing, and the vision of lighting up thousands of homes is shining into reality. From the southwest woodlands to the southeast coast, in areas with abundant wind resources, you can see rows of towering fans, turning the weathering blowing over the land of China into real value.

Technological innovation highlights international style

Along with the wind power installed capacity, the continuous innovation and progress in the technical field of my country's wind power equipment manufacturing industry.

After five years of continuous accumulation and accumulation, a complete wind power industry chain system with global competitiveness has been released, covering technology research and development, complete machine manufacturing, development and construction, standards, testing and certification systems, and market operation and maintenance.

In a recent report released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, several wind power manufacturers in my country, including Goldwind Technology and Envision Energy, have ranked among the forefront of the global onshore and offshore wind power market.

The rise in the ranking of enterprises is the evidence that the overall strength of my country's wind power manufacturing industry has been greatly improved.

In fact, a number of domestic enterprises have shown a trend of increasing wind turbine power and rotor diameter year by year through technology introduction, digestion and absorption, joint design and independent research and development, and the research and development process of multi-megawatt wind turbines is accelerating. Wind turbines are more intelligent and subdivided in design, and many customized wind turbines have been developed to suit different environmental and climatic conditions.

At present, my country has also introduced many new personalized technologies in terms of blade design, transmission chain arrangement, tower structure, and control system. Previously, the industry generally believed that resource areas with wind speeds lower than 6 m/s did not have economic development value. However, due to the increase in the diameter of the wind rotor, the improvement of the airfoil efficiency, the intelligent control strategy, the application of the ultra-high tower and the refinement of the micro-site selection, etc., the utilization efficiency of the unit has been improved, and the low wind speed resources are also available. economic development value. At present, wind farms with an annual average wind speed of 5 m/s can also reach about 2,000 hours of equivalent full-load utilization per year.

In addition, the development of large-scale offshore wind turbine technology has also entered the fast lane. At present, a number of megawatt-class offshore wind turbine products have been developed and put into commercial use. Fu submarine cable laying technology, the offshore distance of submarine cables is more than 40 kilometers, and the domestic jack-up platform ship has been put into operation; the 300 MW offshore wind farm in Rudong throughout Asia has been put into operation and connected to the grid and 5 MW wind turbine installation and other advanced technologies and equipment application; the Xiangshui offshore wind power project in line with the "Double Ten" plan was put into commercial operation, which solved the world problem that the verticality of a single pile must be controlled by three thousandths, and the research on offshore wind power in the distant sea has also made certain breakthroughs.

After five years of intensive cultivation, a considerable number of energy equipment manufacturing enterprises in my country have jumped from the initial "chasers" to "leaders" in this field and won numerous praises at home and abroad. By the end of 2017, my country's wind power export volume reached 3.4 million kilowatts, and the export countries covered nearly more than 34 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia, and the overseas market share further expanded.

Policies seek to help industrial development

The remarkable achievements of the wind power industry are inseparable from the continuous release of policy dividends. Over the past five years, my country's energy authorities have taken advantage of the situation and taken multiple measures in various aspects such as industrial layout, planning orientation, market supervision and electricity price subsidies, and have built a clear and effective three-dimensional and combined policy system for the industry, and continuously promote the sustainable health of my country's wind power industry. develop.

In terms of promoting wind power consumption, the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development" was issued, and for the areas in the "Three Norths" area with rich wind power resources but limited local consumption capacity, actively coordinate the power grid companies to increase power transmission channels Construction, realize cross-provincial and cross-regional consumption of wind power, at the same time guide wind power investment to the low wind speed areas in the central and eastern regions and steadily promote the relatively slow development of offshore wind power construction during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period. At the same time, strengthen the guidance, monitoring and assessment of renewable energy targets, innovate development methods to promote technological progress and cost reduction, and take multiple measures to expand the source of subsidy funds; print and issue the "Implementation Plan for Solving the Problem of Abandoning Water, Wind, and Light" to improve development and utilization. A number of safeguard measures have been set up in terms of mechanism, giving full play to the role of the key platform of the power grid, and expanding local consumption through multiple channels. Provincial power operation and management departments are required to reserve the renewable energy within the plan when formulating the annual priority power generation and priority power purchase plan. Energy generation guaranteed purchase of electricity, and worked with the energy management department to do a good job in the connection between renewable energy generation guaranteed purchase and electricity market-oriented transactions; issued the "Notice on Trial Implementation of Renewable Energy Green Power Certificate Verification and Voluntary Subscription Transaction System", gradually Reduce the intensity of government subsidies, balance the differences in quota indicators in different regions, ensure the realization of non-fossil energy consumption goals and related planned development goals, and issue the "Notice on Carrying out the Demonstration of Wind Level Price Grid Access", which points out the technical and technical requirements for further reducing the cost of electricity. The direction of management innovation.

In response to the relatively slow development of offshore wind power, the "Interim Measures for the Management of Offshore Wind Power Development and Construction" and the implementation rules have been issued to promote the development of offshore wind power by streamlining administration and delegating authority. Further optimization and adjustment have been made to the policy of the Company, and the National Offshore Wind Power Development and Construction Plan (2014-2016) has been issued in combination with the wind energy resources in coastal areas, the progress of the preliminary work of the project and the price policy of offshore wind power to further regulate the offshore wind power market. Guarantee the quality of equipment and reduce the risk of offshore wind power development; print and issue "On Appropriately Lowering the Benchmarking On-grid Tariff of Onshore Wind Power for Photovoltaic Power Stations" to further reduce the price of onshore wind power, while the price of offshore wind power remains unchanged, indicating the determination to steadily promote the development of offshore wind power.

In fact, the above series of policies are just a microcosm of the country's active promotion of the sustainable and healthy development of my country's wind power industry in the past five years. Whether it is the repeated rise and fall of curtailment of wind power and power curtailment, the slowdown in growth rate or the direction of price reduction, it is an inevitable experience for my country to move from a big wind power country to a strong wind power country, and it is also a problem that must be solved for the sustainable development of wind power.

Various signs have shown that my country's wind power industry will face a more complex situation than in the past. However, it is foreseeable that, driven by the implementation of the low-carbon development strategy, my country's renewable energy will face more opportunities and challenges in the future, and wind power will release more power in the global energy transition. (Source: China Power News Network)