Installation Instructions for Slewing Bearings


2022-07-18 10:53

Slewing bearing, also known as slewing bearing, can withstand mechanical radial force and axial force to ensure the normal operation of mechanical energy. Under normal circumstances, the slewing bearing will be coated with anti-rust lubricating oil in the inner and outer raceways, and then wrapped with molecular compound plastic film, compounded with kraft paper, and then wrapped with industrial wrapping tape for inner packaging to prevent the slewing bearing from being exposed to the environment. There is a rust problem.

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Relevant matters before the slewing bearing is installed:

When the slewing bearing is installed, the directional positioning should be carried out first, the installation screws should be tightened staggeredly, and the rotation status of the bearing should be checked. In order to ensure the safe and stable transmission of the bearing, the gears should be checked by clenching the teeth before the mounting screws are tightened. There should be sufficient pre-tightening force when tightening the screw, and the pre-tightening force should be 70% of the flexure limit of the screw material. Mounting screws should be equipped with quenched and tempered flat washers, and spring washers are prohibited. After the slewing bearing is installed and put into operation, after the continuous operation period, check whether the pre-tightening torque of the mounting screws meets the requirements in all aspects, and repeat the above-mentioned inspection once every 20 consecutive days of continuous operation.

During the installation of the slewing bearing, the main engine should be checked. It is required that the supporting parts should have sufficient strength, the joint surface should be machined, and the surface should be smooth and free of debris and burrs. For those that cannot achieve the required simple surface by machining, it can be considered appropriate to use a special molecular compound plastic with high perfusion strength as a supplement to ensure the precision of the simple surface for installation and to reduce vibration. The ring of the slewing bearing has a quenched soft belt area, which is marked "S" on the end face of the ring. When installing, the position of the soft belt should be placed in the non-load area or constant load area.