Innovate and optimize development paths to achieve harmonious and shared development - China's Middle East and South China Distributed Wind Power Development Seminar was held in Yangzhou


2022-07-18 10:57

From September 12th to 13th, 2018, a seminar on distributed wind power development in the Middle East and South China with the theme of "Innovation, Optimization, Harmony and Sharing" was held in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. With the support of Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, this seminar is jointly sponsored by Yangzhou Municipal Government and the Wind Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society, undertaken by Envision Energy, Goldwind Technology, Mingyang Intelligence, China Haizhuang, Castrol, Shanghai Electric More than 600 people from government departments at all levels, industry organizations, wind power enterprises and financial institutions attended the event. The guests conducted in-depth discussions on the policy system, business model, technology, risk management and other topics of decentralized wind power, further clarified the national and local planning concepts and implementation plans for wind energy development in the Middle East and South, and pointed out the technologies and products of decentralized wind power. and business model innovation paths.

创新优化开发路径 实现和谐共享发展

In April 2018, with the issuance of the "Interim Administrative Measures for the Development and Construction of Distributed Wind Power Projects", distributed wind power quickly became the focus of attention in the industry and was regarded as the "next field of hope". At present, the policy environment, technology and management capabilities required for the development of decentralized wind power in my country have basically been met. However, due to the lack of practical experience, in order to develop decentralized wind power well, my country must solve the problems of insufficient policy refinement, different attitudes of local governments, and the need to enrich financing and business models. Therefore, the convening of this seminar is of great significance for clarifying the future development direction, accelerating the solution of difficult problems, and accelerating technology and business model innovation.

At the opening ceremony, representatives of Yangzhou Municipal Government, Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, Wind Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society and enterprises made wonderful speeches.

创新优化开发路径 实现和谐共享发展

Liu Yutong, deputy mayor of Yangzhou, said that at present, Yangzhou has completed 25 projects that have been connected to the grid, approved and included in the 2018 development plan, with a total installed capacity of 1,600 megawatts. In 2018, Yangzhou officially issued the "13th Five-Year" wind power development plan, proposing that by 2025, the cumulative installed capacity of the city's wind power will reach 2,142MW. The city will take planning as the starting point, make full use of wind energy resources, and seek cooperation in various aspects.

创新优化开发路径 实现和谐共享发展

Hang Hai, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, pointed out that the development of decentralized wind power can not only innovate the way of wind power development and speed up the early arrival of wind parity grid grid, but also an important means to achieve environmental friendliness. He hoped that this forum could become a new platform for the energy transformation and development of Yangzhou City and even Jiangsu Province, and make new contributions to the energy production and consumption revolution in Jiangsu Province.

创新优化开发路径 实现和谐共享发展

Qin Haiyan, secretary-general of the Wind Energy Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, believes that at present, the main contradiction in the industry has changed from the original high cost restriction to the existing institutional mechanism that is not suitable for the development of new things. In this case, the industry needs to jointly break through the obstacles of the system and mechanism, and work hard to improve the system. For decentralized wind power, which is closely integrated with the demand side, it is a development model that conforms to the endowment of wind energy resources. Yangzhou has done a good demonstration in this regard. In the future, decentralized wind power will be promising, and the key is for the industry to act and practice.

In response to the cumbersome approval process for decentralized wind power, unclear grid connection rules, and imperfect technical standards for units, Tian Qingjun, vice president of Envision Energy, suggested that innovations in policies, products and technologies, business models, and cooperation models should be promoted. For example, further simplify the approval procedure, implement one-stop service and county-level package approval system; improve the safety and environmental friendliness of the units according to the characteristics of decentralized wind power projects close to densely populated areas; integrate decentralized wind power development and development of eco-tourism, Combining beautiful villages, characteristic towns, and people's livelihood improvement projects to build a broader community of interests; in terms of cooperation mode, the change from selecting equipment suppliers to selecting partners also determines that developers and OEMs will no longer It is a purely commercial buying and selling relationship, but a more lasting strategic partner.

Zhang Xiaoyang, deputy general manager of China Haizhuang, said that at present, my country is in an important stage of energy transformation. Onshore wind power has entered a bottleneck stage, and the layout of offshore wind power has basically been formed. It has entered a period of steady development from the exploration period. Decentralized wind power is still in the exploratory stage, and the convening of this seminar is bound to be of great significance to promoting the healthy and orderly development of decentralized wind power.

Focusing on the core topics that the industry cares about, the organizer set up a "keynote speech" and four "summit forums" after the opening ceremony, involving policy, planning, development practice, technology and other aspects.

In the keynote speech session, representatives from Yangzhou Development and Reform Commission and Envision Energy explained the current situation and planning of decentralized wind power development from various perspectives. According to Han Changjin, deputy director of the Yangzhou Development and Reform Commission, the city plans to increase the cumulative grid-connected capacity of wind power to 1,593MW by 2020, and to 2,142MW by 2025, and plans to build several decentralized wind power projects in chemical, automotive and other industrial parks. Pei Bo, the product leader of Envision Energy's smart wind farm products, started by sorting out the development history of distributed wind power in China and foreign experience, etc., and analyzed the significance of developing distributed wind power in my country and the links that need to be improved at present, and once again emphasized the increase in the development of distributed wind power. The importance of innovation.

创新优化开发路径 实现和谐共享发展

At the "Summit Forum 1", guests from some provincial and municipal energy authorities and enterprises discussed how to promote the effective, orderly and rapid development of decentralized wind power in the form of keynote speeches and round-table dialogues, and shared some development practices, hoping to learn from them. Extract common experience, promote decentralized wind power out of the inherent mode of centralized wind power, and explore the practical path of decentralized wind power development.

According to foreign experience, decentralized wind power development can inject vitality into regional economic and social development. In response to this topic, in the "Summit Forum II" session, many representatives expressed their views on the investment and financing mechanism, business model, risk management and control of decentralized wind power projects. Participants believed that by establishing a sound mechanism and building a community of interests covering local governments, enterprises and the public, decentralized wind power development can benefit regional economic and social development, drive local industrial restructuring, and achieve harmony and common prosperity with the society and people's livelihood.

Since cities will be an important application scenario for decentralized wind power, it is a job that the industry must do well to make wind turbines fully integrated into the surrounding urban landscape. In this regard, the guests who participated in the "Summit Forum III" analyzed from the perspectives of site selection, unit design, and foreign experience, and pointed out that for units applied in decentralized wind power projects, the surrounding landscape must be fully considered from the design stage. Features, customized design of blades, towers and other components, so that the unit is closely integrated with the urban environment, making it a new coordinate for an environment-friendly city.

创新优化开发路径 实现和谐共享发展

"Summit Forum 4" was held on September 13 and consisted of three sub-forums on technical topics. Experts discussed how to use "Chinese wisdom" to actively and steadily explore the development mode of decentralized wind power according to local conditions, so as to improve the overall efficiency of decentralized wind power projects. Life cycle scientific management level.