Introduction of Luoyang New Energy Technology Transfer Agency


2022-07-18 10:53

Luoyang New Energy Technology Transfer Agency was recognized as "Luoyang City Technology Transfer Demonstration Agency" by Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau in 2019. The agency relies on the company's technology research and development center and has systematic wind power product development, design, calculation, verification, simulation, etc. Process capability; at the same time, in terms of bearing design optimization, reliability calculation, new structure, new process, etc., it provides a guarantee for providing technical development and services to more enterprises and institutions.

The company established a wind power bearing testing center, which passed the CNAS certification of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment in 2018. Its professional skills and management level have been recognized, and it has independent external testing qualifications. At present, the testing center has a total of 650 square meters of offices and testing sites, and has complete testing equipment. The main testing equipment includes: universal testing machine, pressure testing machine, automatic low temperature impact testing machine, metallographic microscope, Leeb hardness tester, ultrasonic wave Hardened layer depth detector, needle profiler, direct reading spectrometer, shaft joint arm, domestic full simulation loading test platform, etc.; it can carry out the whole process of wind power bearing inspection from raw materials, product manufacturing, product application effects, etc. Implement the quality assessment of the whole process of wind power bearing manufacturing.

The company's "Wind Power Bearing Full Loading Performance Simulation Test Platform" simulates the working conditions of wind power bearings, realizes synchronous loading nationwide, and is a performance test platform that can truly detect and verify the actual performance of bearings; the loading test machine can be used for [inner diameter ≥ Φ1500mm. (inner diameter), outer diameter ≤Φ4000mm (outer diameter), height ≤300mm (total height)] Simulated loading test of wind turbine yaw bearing, pitch bearing, main shaft bearing bearing, through synchronous loading of axial force, radial force and overturning moment, etc., to simulate the operation and force of wind power bearings in actual use, and to evaluate the quality characteristics of bearings under different loads and after running for a specific time. The working condition simulates the life test or the equivalent life test to ensure the safety and reliability of the product design.